Shanren Raz Pro Safety Tail Light Preview

Posted on December 13 2019

Shanren Raz Pro Safety Tail Light Preview

 Paul Horta-Hopkins  

A quick look at the Shanren Raz Pro Safety Tail Light

The Shanren Raz Pro Safety Tail Light is a smart little tail light that promises a lot more than your usual rear light. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your phone to the Raz Pro. This allows you to customise it’s behaviour and allows it to link to other Raz Pros.

This smart tail light has twelve full colour LEDs that have a 270 degree beam angle. Shanren claim the 60 Lumens light can be seen from one kilometre away. And at 20 grams you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

Light and motion sensors allows the Raz pro to do more than just turn on and off. Motion sensors detect harsh bumps and flash a different colour to let those behind know. The same sensors will detect when you get on the bike and automatically turn on. And when you stop for longer than four minutes the Raz Pro will switch off.

Various mounting options allow you to mount the Raz Pro on you seat-post, saddle or helmet. If you like to run lights during the day, then a long run time is a must. Shanren claim 24 hours on flash mode or 46 on slow flash.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to sync other Raz Pro lights together. This will sync colours and flash modes, so you can have a whole group coordinated.


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