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Raz pro: An expert bike tail light

Raz pro: An expert bike tail light

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Welcome to the Future of Cycling Safety

We love cycling. We would cycle anywhere and everywhere if we could. It's great exercise, it lets us see more of the world around and it's good for the environment. And because we love it so much, we want to make your bike trips as comfortable and safe as possible. Whether you are riding in good or bad weather, in the day time or after sundown, along the main road or on a mountain path, good lighting is essential for your safety and the safety of others — and a reliable and bright bike tail light can, in fact, save a life.

This is Raz Pro

Raz pro is a smart bike tail light built for safety and designed for an exceptional group cycling experience. Fitted with 12 full color high-brightness LEDs, brake and bump alerts, ambient light sensors and the first of its kind auto group-sync feature, Raz will keep you fully visible day and night.



Raz Pro Keeps You Safe

A tail light’s main job is to keep you seen — and Raz Pro is an expert. The light’s spectacular 270-degree beam angle and 60 Lumens of brightness make sure you are seen from up to 1,000 meters. This makes the light a great choice for daily commuters and anyone cycling along the main roads or off the beaten track.

8 Light Modes

It's ideal for commuters looking to make their daily trips safer.

Helmet-mounted lights are another great back-up option as they're more visible than seat post lights. RAZ is also compatible with helmets: it can be mounted higher than an under-seat light for improved visibility in the heavy traffic.

Raz Pro is a Team Player

Raz Pro comes with an innovative auto group-sync feature that will instantly set all the Raz Pro lights in your group to the same flashing pattern adding an extra safety layer to your team ride. As Group-Sync kicks in automatically*, you get to set off on your cycling journey right away without spending time on complicated setups. You will be able to customize the feature as well choosing one of the two team-sync options: join freely or use team code.

*in order for the light pattern to sync, your Raz Pros need to be set to the same mode. 

Perfect for team rides


Fully visible day and night​


Auto Brake Alerts​

  • Multiangle detection
  • Hypersensitive detection


The most advanced brake sensor technology

The Raz Pro adopts the highest accuracy 6-axis motion-based position detection technology, which makes it different from most brake tail light on the market. This means you can mount the Raz Pro at different angles — and it would be the perfect fit even for an inclined frame.


More accurate with enhanced algorithm

Raz pro is set up with different braking algorithm under different riding occasions. Thus enhances the brake sensitivity and reduces the brake misjudge. 


And that's not all

Raz Pro is not just a tail light: it’s packed with intelligent sensors and back-up features for a truly comfortable ride: Light Sensor, Auto Brake Alerts, Road Bump Alerts and Auto Wake-Up. 


Light Sensor

Raz Pro knows when it's dark and knows when it's bright. It will automatically turn on and off depending on the outside conditions letting you focus on the road ahead. If you are not using your bike for over 4 minutes, the light will turn off automatically to save battery. 


Auto Wake-up

Raz Pro is ready when you are. Simply hop on the bike and start moving and the light will turn on automatically — no buttons to press or settings to tweak with.


Road Bump Alerts

Raz Pro is an explorer. Heading off the main road? No worries, Raz got your back. The Road Bump Alert feature will make the light turn white every time you encounter a bump in the road warning the cyclists behind you. 


Sync with Discovery Pro GPS Unit

Simply pair the Discovery Pro bike computer with Raz Pro via Bluetooth and the Discovery Pro's warning light will instantly sync with the Raz Pro and adopt the same color and lighting mode.


Full-Color Daytime Light

Raz pro is versatile. You can pick and choose between a full range of color options for the light via the Shanren Sports App. Here, you can also adjust the flashing modes and select preferred patterns.


80 hours on a single charge

Raz Pro can be easily charged with its handy magnetic charger and won't need to be recharged for another 80 hours of standard use — which is plenty for both daily commute and long relaxing bike rides. 

Installation & Mounts

Raz Pro comes with a Twist & Lock mount and optional brackets for seat posts, saddles or helmets. You will be able to fix the tail light in place in no time and it will stay securely in its place even throughout the bounciest of rides. 

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